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Soil Analysis for the Construction Industry

Soil Analysis for the Construction Industry

Testing soils in construction. This is something that should be done before any construction can take place. And, if the results aren’t correct, the construction is put on a hold.

It is important to make sure that the ground where the construction is taking place will hold the building in place. There are also other reasons why testing soil in construction is essential. This is a guide to testing solid in construction.

Why testing soil in constructions?

This might be the first time that you hear about something like this. That the soil is getting tested before construction can take place?

Why is this important to test soil in construction? There are a large number of reasons, but the one reason is to ensure that the ground is solid enough for building a huge building. Where large construction vehicles are going to work on. There is some soil that will make the building collapse easier and faster than other soil. And, it is important to be prepared about the type of soil you are going to be working on.

Different type of soil testing

There is a different type of soil testing that are getting done. Construction materials testing should be done before each construction. Some contractors prefer to get this testing done, during the construction as well. These are some of the different types of soil testing that should be done beforehand.

  • Standard soil testing
  • Moisture soil testing
  • Particle Size Distribution & Sand Equivalent Value
  • Soil strength
  • Soil density

Adjustments need to be made with certain soils

With certain types of soils, there needs to be certain adjustments made with the construction. This is to make sure that the building is going to be stable and that it won’t collapse because of the ground.

Normally, when soil isn’t in good condition, there is added support made to the foundation of the building and to the rest of the construction. This is why it is important to make sure that it is known for what type of geotechnical consultants you are working with.

Too much water in soil, then the construction needs to drain the water first

When there is too much water in the soil, it normally means that there is an underwater fountain somewhere. This can cause damage to the foundation of the building. Extra precautions need to be taken in order for the building to continue.

The first step is to drain the water from the ground. And, to add a layer of cement to the foundation to prevent the water to cause damage when the water might return. This all is going to increase the costs of the construction. But, this is something that needs to be done, when soil is tested and there is water found in the soil.

Recommended to get soil tested before purchase land to build on

It is recommended that you should get soil tested before you purchase land to build on. You might not know what type of soil is waiting for you underneath the ground. Many people have made the mistake to purchase land at a great price, just to find out that the soil underneath the ground isn’t stable enough to build on.

The only way that you can know that the soil is acceptable for construction, it is recommended that you should test the soil before you purchase the land.

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